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Battling AI confusion.

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

We live in confusing times. I've been painting quite a bit lately. I paint the landscapes of my immediate area, with the trees, trails and riverways taking the centre stage. I was asked if I use AI image generators for my work or if they are photos that have had some kind of filter run over them. I think it will be a question that will become more and more prevailent as the AI generators become more and more sophisticated. I was a commercial artist working with computers for years and I have a healthy respect for computer generated art and design. But still, there is something about hand generated images that I believe will become increasingly valued and valuable in this dawning AI world.

I work from photos I have taken with my iphone, using them as a reference and starting point. I have also worked from plein aire sketches but I have to admit, I love the comfort of my studio. I don't trace or project the photos in any way and I rely exclusively on my drawing background to layout the bones for the image that I want. There is a type of signature that develops with this method of work.

In order to reduce the potetial confusion of people wondering if these images are AI generated, I have taken to making little movies. They are a lot of fun to put together.and the results leave no questions of AI assistance.

Fish returning to the Big Qualicum River
Big Qualicum River,

Fish returning to Big Qualicum River
Big Qualicum River, Going home

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