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Create your own 12” Angel in an afternoon. Pose her by bending her arms, arching her back, and tilting her head. The wire is galvanized and won’t rust outdoors. Make her a garden accent or a welcome angel
at your front door. Flatten the back of her dress and hang her on your wall. Pose her in flight.
Add the lights for a dramatic table topper or use her as a Christmas tree topper.
Spray paint her white for added drama.
This angel can usually be completed in under 2 hours.
Enjoy making it with a friend or family member or give as a gift that ‘crafty’ person on your list!
Kit includes
-Step by step Instruction booklet
-4 pieces of precut 1/2” galvanized chicken wire 
-1 piece halo pipe cleaner
-Four coils of 3 ft of 20 gauge aluminum wire
-1 pair curved-nose pliers
-1 strand battery operated fairy lights (batteries included)

Wire Angel Kits

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