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Fresh Faces at the Cathouse 2024 Art Show of Portraits from Live Models

Updated: Jan 21

Show on daily from 10am to 4pm at the Cathouse Gallery

5430 Island Hwy W. Qualicum - 250-937-9991

Join us on Jan 27 after 3pm for a "Meet the Artist / Wrap Party"


For almost 10 years now, the Cathouse Studio has hosted regular drawing/painting sessions with live models and up to a dozen artists per session. There has been a consistent core group for all those years. Encouragement flows freely, fostering a supportive environment where artists exchange ideas and techniques. The 2-hour format is a change from the regular life drawing formats. Our models sit for 50 minutes, with a 20-minute break where we get to look at each other's work, exchange ideas, and catch up on the news, then the model poses for another 50 minutes usually facing the opposite direction.

Nearly 20 years of drawing sessions at the Cathouse Studio
Our First Cathouse Studio Drawing Session, Nov 2014, Lexia modeling

Our First Cathouse Studio Drawing Session, Nov 2014, Lexia modeling

Each artist uses their favorite medium for the evening, ranging from graphite, through pastel and conte, to watercolor, acrylic, and oil. Some full body figures, most of them portraits. Each artist's style and character comes through in their work ranging from realistic to abstract.

Cathouse Drawing session with Model Sherry Samis and Jessi Epp on guitar

Sometimes it gets a little squishy, but we all manage to fit in, Model, Victoria / Ray LaMontagne - Jolene

Our models generally come from the local area. I go 'trolling' for models. I'll see someone in a restaurant or pub that has 'it', or ask local musicians, store owners, or personalities. There are some ridiculous times when a model has had to cancel last minute and I've rushed out to the local pub and dragged back the evening's model with a promise of "$40 and a beverage of your choice". This technique has been surprisingly fruitful. Over the years we have had over 400 models with very few repeats. We have often been treated with live music from our local musicians who have consented to be models for us

Our models are often local musicians that treat us to live music
Musician Models,Curtiss Leroy Duce, Doug McLean, Rob C Noland, Amelia Thomas, Deborah Louise Ross, John Fowler, Ryder Bachman, & Jesse Epp 


The FRESH FACES FROM THE CATHOUSE SHOW features 8 of the regular session artists. Art show of portraits from live models.

Take a quick walk through of the show.

In the Fresh Faces show, eight diverse artists showcase unique pieces stemming from the drawing sessions. Each artist using approx 8 feet of wall space, creating a visually dynamic and diverse display.

Sheena McCorquodale

Acrylic on Canvas & Conte on Paper & Pastel on Paper

Margaret Shorter

Acrylic on Canvas & Hardboard

Gordon Lafluer

Graphite on Paper

Pat Palmer

Charcoal on Paper

Peter Leclerc

Graphite & Pastel on Paper (reproductions)

Irene Orrom

Acrylic on Board

Alex Carr

Graphite & Watercolor on Paper

Melanie Barnes

Graphite & Watercolor on Paper

Join us for a 'Meet the Artist / Wrap Party on Saturday, Jan 27, 2024

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