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One Hot Busy Summer

What was going on in the summer of 2023 at the Cathouse.

I had some successes with my exhibit entries

- "Alphonse" won an honorable Mention at the July FCA "On The Edge" Exhibition

- 'The Alicorn' won the 'Children's Choice' award at the Sooke Fine Arts Show and

'Liberty' sold on the first night of the show. I sold two more sculptures, "Paloma" and "Isabella" to a woman that missed out on the sale of "Liberty"

- 'Galatea' placed 2nd at the Aug FCA "Representational" Exhibition

- I was disappointed that I wasn't accepted into SSAP this year.

Other sales this summer included Mike the Dog - looking quite fine atop of the Lighthouse Feed and Garden sign in Bowser, Oliver Cat with Butterfly, CIRCE, Aviva, Seated Angel Memorial, an Irish Wolfhound, Hattie - sent off to lead a her best life in Georgia, and a little sister to Galatea - sent off to Missouri to be wall mounted swimming up a very tall interior fireplace.

I love to see them in their new homes. There are some pretty spectacular gardens that they are living in.

I took a break from teaching wire classes but drawing sessions kept up over the summer with some really wonderful models

The Comfy Cat Kennel celebrated its 7th year of operation. It has been busier than ever with all the covid purchasers cashing in their travel points and needing places for their covid kitties. The island is just incredibly busy this year. Post covid restrictions kicking in along with all the crazy stuff of fires,ferries and flights.

Kimberly MacGregor performed for a sold out 24 seat audience in the gallery.

Aug 19 & 20 was the annual Cathouse Gallery Summer Show. 8 artists. 4 in the studio, 4 in tents on the front field. We had a really good turn out. Made some great connections.

My Forests are now available as greeting cards. Coming Soon! My Printify link to offer custom Tshirts, mugs, duvets, shower curtains... you name it.

oh... and....

I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane with my sister Lizzie. Crossed that off the bucket list.

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