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Sketching in Mexico

One of my all-time favourite things to do on holiday is to sit with a good cup of coffee or a local beer and maybe splurge on a fruit plate while I sketch what is in front of me. I've recently had the good fortune of being in Melaque, South of Puerto Vallarta. There is always a nice breeze, and the laid-back, gentle nature of everyone is conducive to just unwinding and enjoying the moment


These little sketches are done on a 6" x 9" sketch book that is not really suited to watercolor, but it will do for now. It has survived having water splashed on it. It was returned after being left in a café. It's basically been a good companion. Use a sharp sharpie pen with permanent ink and then just splash the watercolour on afterwards.

It has an interesting effect that you don't get with taking a photo. You become very aware of your surroundings and it just adds to the enjoyment of the moment.

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